This is a catalogue of my Star Trek collection of Playmates figures.


Hi my name is Betty O Brien. I have been a fan of all things Trek since it began.Welcome to my web page dedicated to my collection of Playmates Star Trek figures.Playmates was founded originally as a Hong Kong-based manufacturing facility to make toys. In 1991 Playmates was licensed by Paramount Pictures to produce a range of 12 figures based on Star Trek: The Next Generation. The rest is history. There are also some other items made by Art Asylum Figures and Figurines.I have tried to take as many pictures of my collection as possible. But I started taking the pictures about a year after I started the collection. So I have not got pictures of all the cards for all my figures. One of the best things about collecting figures is they can be found all over the world. I have tried to show where I purchased the figures when ever possible. Thank you for visiting this site it is my hope you enjoyed the collection.Betty's Star Trek Figures Collection | Promote your Page too
This Facebook page has extra pictures and information about my collection.

I have collected figures from the following series:


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